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Who are we?

Of course, you would want to know who we are! I mean, who doesn't want to know who is reviewing? After all, reviews impact a location or individual as much as it could the client. A bad review could negatively affect a place of business, a person or a thing just as much as a good review could help them.

Reviews are the world's way of speaking up about the things we deal with daily.

Our dictum, "Subjective Objective Reviews" means that whatever we give our thoughts on is subject to our understanding/perspective of the person, place or thing we are reviewing. However, said thoughts are delivered in an objective way, separating ourselves from the equation and putting ourselves in the consumer/clients place so as to give the most constructive analysis possible.

From birth, The Unleashed One possessed a curious eye and creative mind—the desire to see the beauty and the muck as well as provide constructive ways to address it all. Her knack for forthright deliverance meshed with down-home candor made The Unleashed One well sought after, not only in a personal capacity but in a professional capacity as well. The Unleashed One served as the creator and principle reviewer on The Review Board, focusing on the indie writing community. Her popularity stemmed from the willingness to take on all genres, even those characterized as taboo. 
Even after retiring from The Review Board, The Unleashed One’s helpful zest did not waver, continuing to give reviews on all her experiences. Unleashed Truth is a way to showcase her thoughts in one locale, along with her reviewer-in-crime, Mini Truth.

Mini Truth's motto is simple ... "Keep it honest with no filters." As an iconically sought-after reviewer of The Review Board alongside The Unleashed One, only those who dared hear the unvarnished truth would step into Mini Truth's realm. Known for her silver tongue and slick wit, Mini Truth "kept it real" without disrespecting anyone. Whether good, bad or otherwise, all was revealed. A methodical, scientific thinker, Mini Truth uses tangible proof to deliver her thoughts. Under the understanding that her thoughts could potentially save another person from a foul encounter or experience, she does everything in her power to be concise and keep things clear.

For better or for worse the truth will be revealed.

Master of Ceremonies, from time to time Ova Veugh drops by to serve as Hostess and lead the way into an informative and enlightening review. Having gotten her start on The Review Board about 4 years ago, Ova has a style all her own—somewhere between Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Maddow. Ova has an incomparable spark for hosting; lighthearted, fun, articulate and curious, Ova will never leave you wondering. She asks the questions everyone wants to know.

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