Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Unleashed One Speaks on Texas Roadhouse (#ThrowbackFoodReview)

Hello there! Ova Veugh here. It's a great time to have a Throwback, don't you agree? Um ... well, even if you don't, how about one anyway ... lol.

This time, let's talk about food. This throwback is from December of last year (2017) where The Unleashed One talks about her very first trip to Texas Roadhouse.

Name of Establishment: Texas Roadhouse
Address: 1305 NJ 33, Hamilton Township, NJ 08690
Establishment Type: Restaurant
Foods Served: American cuisine, primarily steak

This is a tough review because this place scored high in one area and would have stayed there had it not been for the disaster that happened as we were getting ready to pay, but I will get to that later.

My boyfriend (at the time) and I just hit the 6 month mark in our union, and he wanted us to go out to celebrate. Texas Roadhouse was the other steakhouse spot he always wanted to go to (Longhorne was the 1st). 

Wait Time: Relatively short. We didn't have to wait too long before we were seated. 

Initial Friendliness: The staff does go out of their way to try to make you feel welcome once you reveal that you are a first time visitor (both he and I were), almost to the point of over kill ... in a sense where there were times when he and I were deep in discussion about something and then we would get interrupted. On the bright side, the waitress did take a picture of us. 

Food: We both enjoyed our entrees. For me, the bread I could take or leave.

Now, here is where the tide turns. Our waitress hands us the bill. I look at the ticket, and it is around the 66-67 ball park. My boyfriend (at the time) gives her the credit card. However, the amount he got charged was close to 80 bucks. I noticed just before he signed that the dollar amount was wrong.

Although the management apologized profusely, it really put a crimp on what was an otherwise delightful evening.

Overall score:


Largely because of the major mess up with being billed for someone else's food. If that hadn't occurred, the score would be more like ...


Moral of the Review: Always pay close attention to your ticket.

Well, despite the mess up, this makes me want to have some steak, but I'm trying to watch my figure ... oh, we have run out of time. Thanks for checking out another Throwback Thursday.

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