Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Unleashed One Speaks on Pop Fit Clothing

The Unleashed One here. Today I'd like to share with you my thoughts on Pop Fit Clothing. Before I jump into my experience, let me provide additional information.

Name: Pop Fit Clothing
Instagram: @popfitclothing

The founders of Pop Fit Clothing believe that leggings are pants and wanted to make leggings as functional and comfortable as possible. The sizes range from XS (size 0-2 USA size) to 3XL (size 24-26 USA size).

I first got wind of Pop Fit Clothing while randomly scrolling through my Instagram. I do admit that the look of the pockets excited me, for most of the leggings I had lacked pockets, or the pockets were only big enough for one set of keys, but not both sets of keys and my cell phone.

Pop Fit Clothing had this offer for free leggings just pay shipping and handling. I gave it a look see and decided to get the style "Stella" for my first pair. Then, there was the offer to be part of their V.I.P. program. The Pop Fit V.I.P. program is $29.99 a month. You get 40% off the leggings plus free shipping. You also have the option to skip if you don't want to order anything; if you skip, you don't get charged the $29.99. You also have the option of building your own wish list and having them send you things from your wish list for the $29.99 or Pop Fit makes the selection for you.

There are other perks but you can visit the website to get wind of all of the extra.

I adore "Stella" for many reasons. (1) It comes in many different colors. (Some of the other styles have limited selections) (2) Although I know that the sheer/mesh are in, sometimes a girl wants a bit of extra coverage. I appreciated that Stella wore like a basic legging and not that whole peek-a-boo business. (3) They stayed put: held where they were supposed to and the like. (4) I love the pockets. These aren't wimpy "I can only hold pennies" pockets. These are "I can put keys and my big phone in there" pockets. The roominess is nice.

Well, I guess it is better I show you rather than tell you. Keep in mind that I typically don't take full body shots of myself and that when I go to work out, I go to work out, not pose for Facebook and Instagram. However, I do want you to get the gist of how they fit on my body. Also, I don't want the question of "why aren't you smiling" to pop up simply due to the fact that if one has had a vigorous workout, the first thought in your brain is not "let's smile and pose for the camera". #justsaying

I ordered "Stella" back in early November. This picture was taken in early December. I have washed them a few times, and they have held up rather well. It's best that these are washed in cold water and line dry (or put in a dryer with low or no heat) to ensure they keep in good shape. 

Since the "Stella" purchase, I have ordered additional designs.

"Ruby" with pockets in a Grey/Turquoise combo (I checked on the site and it looks like it may have gotten discontinued due to their new 2019 items)

"Stevie" with pockets (Dark Green and Black): This design does have a side sheer mesh panel from the mid-thigh down. If you are overly self conscious of your legs or if you like wearing long socks, these may not be the ones for you. Most who rock this one wear either long socks or no socks at all.

"Penelope" with pockets (Grey and Black): This design has the pockets set lower on the leg, just above the knees actually. On "Stella", "Ruby", and "Stevie" the pockets are just a little bit down from the waist. "Penelope" has a decorative mesh overlay. Pictures of "Penelope" are below.

I wear "Stella" and "Penelope" the most, followed by "Ruby" and "Stevie". I am building up my fitness legging collection so that I can have more variety. Yet, there are some styles out there (I'm speaking more in general now than this company specifically) that are mostly mesh and makes you look as if you are just walking out with nothing covering the skin. To me, that just looks weird but to each its own: if you're comfortable, do you.


1. Their membership cost isn't as expensive as Fabletics
2. For each type of leggings, they show women of all different sizes so you can know what they would look like on you
3. They have amazing stretch
4. They hold up well with washing and drying, provided proper instructions are followed
5. The material isn't heavy and even with the colder weather the legs don't get cold
6. It's a woman owned company so they understand the needs of women when it comes to leggings
7. They do have other segments, like underwear, sunglasses, tops, and bags but their main selling point is the leggings
8. No chafing
9. The names are rather adorable


1. Some of their styles have more colors than others
2. One doesn't get a warning if a style of theirs is discontinued. (Had I known Ruby was going to get the boot, I would have stocked up)
3. If you are signing up for the V.I.P. you have to be mindful of remembering to skip (otherwise, you'll get charged)
4. Their sizes only run to 3X
5. No petites sizing

Unleashed Verdict

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